Standard Unit Listing: 

Hide Quick Search Bar - Toggling this option removes the quick unit search on the top of the RapidStor Listing

Show Vehicle in Quick Search Bar - Add a button to filter vehicle spaces in the quick search bar.

Hide Units with Less than Min. Available - Toggling this box will hide all units with less then the minimum available that is set.

No Available Unit Text -  The text message inserted into the box under this category will display what happens if the unit is not available. E.g Call for Availability

No Available Unit Secondary Text -  Adding in text here will show an additional textbox/button below the call for availability button, with the option to set an action if a tenant clicks on this button

Hide Prices when not logged in - Requires the tenant to fill in basic details before showing the prices (Note: This information is not sent anywhere, but can be used through the Rapidstor Event Listener)