Personas are a marketing concept which allows marketers and website owners to provide deals or information specifically tailored towards a certain group of users. Common examples are “Students” or “Home Movers”, where each of these Personas would see different information or deals from each other.

How It Works:

To be assigned a Persona, a user has to go to a page which RapidStor is on and a query string is a part of the URL. RapidStor will look at the query string in the URL and then match them to any of the Personas which have been set up.

In an example of a Student, the query string might look something like:


If a Persona has any of the key value pairs in the query, then the user is assigned the Persona. Data of the Persona is kept in the cookies of the browser, which will stay there until the user is assigned another Persona. If a new set of key value pairs is provided, then the existing cookie will be updated with the new data. If the key value pairs of the new query string don’t match any of the Personas, then the user will have their Persona set to the default Persona.

Setting Up

After Personas have been enabled, click on Admin Overview and go to Corporate Settings > Personas


  1. Click Add


  1. Name the Persona (Student, Business etc)

  1. Enter any number of Key Value pairs for the query string (minimum 1 pair)

3a. You can add extra Key Value pairs by clicking “Add Parameter”

  1. Choose which sites will have access to use this Persona

How To Assign Personas

Once a site has access to Personas, you’ll be able to assign any of the Personas to a deal on the site.

To do so, go to a site’s admin panel and go to Deals.

Scroll to the bottom of the Deal page. If there are any Personas assigned to the site, you’ll see a list of them.


Any ticked Personas in this list are assigned to the Deal once saved. In the example above, the Deal we’re looking at will only show up on only 3x3 units for only users who are a part of the “Persona” Persona.

At this time, deals which don’t have any Personas assigned to them will show to all users.