Public Links In RapidStor

Public Links- selecting these links will open a direct link to how RapidStor would appear in a new tab.
You can use this to test and see any changes you’ve made throughout the

Standard Unit Listing

  • This link directs to RapidStor.

Tiered Unit Listing

  • This link directs to RapidStor Tiered Unit Listing.

Facility Self-Service

  • Created for Self Service kiosks at unmanned sites. "Enquiries" leads to RapidStor, "Take Payment" leads to tenant accounts and "Box Shop" leads to Box Shop.

Facility Staff Self-Service

  • Created for companies that don't give staff access to SiteLink. It is a kiosk which still allows staff to complete some of the functions of SiteLink and RapidStor. While clients are welcome to use the feature, most don't as SiteLink has more features/control over the processes, and most self storage companies give their staff access to SiteLink.

Offline Reservation

  • Can be used in the case that a tenant has been added to Lead to Lease via SiteLink (an 'offline' transaction), but then is needed to be converted to an online move in with RapidStor.