Descriptors for Standard Unit Listing

What can it do

Descriptors for unit allow you to adjust which units are shown to your customers and how they appear on the front end.

Existing unit descriptors may already be listed, you have the choice to edit an existing descriptors, create a new one, delete an existing or move the position of the descriptors.


How is it setup

Unit Descriptors are rule based and run in order from top to bottom, this means that the unit descriptor will select units first then the second unit descriptor will select from the remaining units. You can move a descriptor up or down the list using the arrow keys or Move to Position, please note that the order here does not affect the order of the units on the book online page

Editing a Descriptor

Name - Used to identify what the descriptor is used for, this is not shown to the customer.

  • Description - Appears under the image on the book online page, normally this is used to describe what the unit can store/fit.

  • Special Text - Highlighted text used to make the unit stand out (only works on the ‘Standard’ Unit listing option).

  • Enabled - Turns the descriptor on and off, if this is turned off it will not select any units.

  • Hidden - Hides all matching units from showing to customers.

Includes Section

The rules used to select a unit are entered here and can be setup using size, unit type, floor, price and features.

An example of this is that if you want to select all 1x1 Wine units in SiteLink that have climate control enter in the size as 1x1 and the unit type as Wine storage, under the Features section select ‘Must Have’ next to the Climate drop down.

(Additional options are available to exclude specific units however in most cases these are not required)

The Price list Reference table is available that will display all units from SiteLink and their details. Once you have saved the descriptor any matching units will show ‘Matched’ in green.

Once units have been matched to a descriptor you can customise how these matched unit will appear on the book online page. These options include:

  • Picture - The image that is used for the units. A gallery of default images is available to select from with a range of sizes, alternatively the option to upload your own images is also available.

  • Slides - Additional images that are shown if the the customer clicks on the images.

  • Highlight Flag - Coloured icon that appears to help the selected units stand out

  • Highlight Background - Changes the background colour (only works on the ‘Standard’ Unit listing option).

Deals can also be applied to the units from this screen, or can be added through the Deals section.