Appearance In RapidStor

Appearance in the admin panel controls how you personalise your sites RapidStor colour theme.

Appearance can be broken down into 3 categories. These categories are ‘Theme Colour’, ‘Accent Colour’ & ‘Default highlight Colour for Unit Listings’. These colours can be changed to whatever combination desired.

Theme colour:
Is the primary colour utilised in RapidStor. It is usually your Storage Sites main colour and It shows in 3 key areas. 

The unit Listings Screen:

Quick Reserve:

 The Space Calculator:

Accent Colour

Accent colour is used in contrast with the theme colour. Accent colour can be seen in two different sections.

Special’s Text:  

 Quick Reserve Buttons:

Default highlight colour is used to provide colour to the background of unit listings. This colour can be applied to all unit listings. This colour can also be applied to individually selected units.

For the best colour combinations, it is recommended that these colours reflect your storage companies colour theme.